Opening Lighting Mods blog

I'm starting this Lighting Mods blog so I can share my photo experience with all you.

This blog thing started out when David from the Strobist saw my setups and ask me to make a blog with setups and Lighting Modifications that I had photographed and posted on Flickr... so I decided it was time to move forward and created it today.

I will be posting some of the reviews and build ups for some stuff that are helping me out on building and getting a better photography.

Feel free to visit the links to my website and Flickr page for some photos of my work.

Hope you enjoy all the stuff and have fun.



Anonymous said...

oi Rui. Como prometeste aqui está o teu espaço de partilha. Irei ler sempre que possa. Parabéns

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool blog! Thanks for sharing your tips!

Nuno Lourenço said...

Boas Rui excelente blog este, grande abraço, porta-te bem.