Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Position of the Light (étude)

Continuing the testing of my Black Straws Grid i decided to give it a try for some position of the light and show what is the effect it can cause just by moving the small flash to different positions.

Many people have already seen this kind of effects on some other sites and polls but this was my étude (as they call it French) with the Black Straws Grid and my subject ;)

I decide to take my first shot, of this series, with on-camera so that I could compare the results with the other ones.

I call my service model and he was not so in the mood for this kind of shooting as you can see from the above on-camera flash picture :)

Etude Position of the Light_01

Next I decided to move the light to left and afterwards to the right.

Since I'm in Lisbon and I do not have all the other lights to compose I decided that this will be made with only one light (580EX) on top of an old tripod I have here just in case and with the Gadget Infinity triggers. This way I can test them, again, this time attached to the tripod under a normal shooting condition with a subject.

Etude Position of the Light_02Etude Position of the Light_03

Here is the effect that causes the side light.

The settings were (this is not really important for this, but in case someone ask for it) ISO 100, 200 for sync flash and I think I was working on 5.6 or 6.3 for aperture. What was important here was to see the effect of the light rather then the accurate metering.

In the next shot you can see the back light giving some contour of the subject. Maybe with this you can play with different light intensities and colors and also not use the Black Straws Grid like I did... well I leave that up to you. Or imagine just a light on the eyes of the subject, or object or...

Etude Position of the Light_04

Another position that I like very much is the 45 degress (also more or less it goes by taste) and here is the effect on one side or the other. Keep in mind all of the things that distinguish one side and the other of the subject and choose the really good side to light it.

Both sides are not really at the same position, as you can see, but try to do it yourself and see how difficult it become when you are the photographer and the model at the same time. It drives you nuts...

Etude Position of the Light_05Etude Position of the Light_06

Can you imagine the same thing but with the lights coming from behind?

Well here you have them, remember this was made with the Black Straws Snoot Grid this is why the light is so concentrated and why it's called a la French "Étude" :)

Etude Position of the Light_07Etude Position of the Light_08

And the same light but from under. Sinister looks... or to give some detail at some part of the face... leave it up to you to try.

Etude Position of the Light_09Etude Position of the Light_10

Moving the light to the front of the subject gets more attention as you can see in the next one's.
You can also notice that the opposite side of the light catches the model shadow and also gives a nice light to the background, maybe you can zoom in or use an umbrella or add another light or move yourself into another position... or move the light.

Etude Position of the Light_11Etude Position of the Light_12

To finish I made a front and back under shots to end this Étude.

Etude Position of the Light_13Etude Position of the Light_14

Always pay attention to the light and move it around so you can feel it and above all know your lights with your eyes shut remember that a little strobe sometimes is very powerful.

Leave you with a photo I took during this Étude that pleased me a lot.

Etude Position of the Light_15

Have fun and thanks for coming back.

Until next time... grab your camera and shoot something ;)


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