Friday, July 6, 2007

Beware with Sigma Lenses purchases

Sigma Burglary
Today I bang with a notice from SIGMA house in London where a lot of gear was stolen from them.

I decided to post this news here since a lot of you out there are using their lenses and accessories and I would not want anything bad happen to you guys.

I'm not really into SIGMA lenses since I only uses CANON primes but this could be helpful to anyone who uses this lenses.

Above is a copy of the original message you can find it here in SIGMA web site.

Sigma Burglary

The offices and warehouse of Sigma Imaging (UK) Ltd were broken into on the night of Friday 15th June.

The theft was captured on CCTV and police are currently investigating. The burglary is believed to have been carried out by a professional gang who stole a large quantity of Sigma products.

Sigma have a record of all the stolen products and their serial numbers, available here, and ask members of the public to be aware of any Sigma products being sold at lower than usual prices. Sigma’s supply chain was temporarily disrupted and we regret any disappointment or delay caused to our customers.

Sigma’s normal efficient service has been resumed and every effort is being made to replace the stolen goods. In addition to being vigilant, we would ask our customers to be patient and understanding of any temporary delays.

If you are suspicious of a Sigma product you have seen for sale, please telephone Sigma immediately on 01707 329 999.

If you have any friends who plan on buying a SIGMA lens advise them to check the pdf serials before buy it over the web .

Thanks for the time and spread the word.

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