Friday, July 20, 2007

Light Painting

Light Painting_01Hey I was sleepless tonight so I decided to put my gear up and make a long time assignment a real thing.

I always wanted to try the Light Painting but never had any time to do it, there is always something that comes up, and once again this stays behind.

After seeing a lot of new videos and it's setup on the Strobist, about this issue, I decided to try my Homemade one.

This is a simple way to make that you really wanna try it out and maybe later on make some more complicated ones like seen here.

What I've used:

- Canon Flash 580Ex
- Black Straws Snoot (Get one yourself Part1 and Part2)
- Book Light Science and Magic UK (or other of your choice)
- MagLite flashlight
- Camera and Lens
- Monopod and Tripod for the Flash
- Gadget Infinity Triggers (Flash and Camera)
- Remote camera release button

Light Painting_02

First of all the setup shot.

Canon 580Ex with Black Straws Snoot to the left pointing a little down to the book (105mm,1/128). Camera ISO 100, Tv 200, Av 22, sorry if the book came out burned but the room was too dark to be illuminated besides my wife was a sleep.

Light Painting_03

A closer look at the Black Straws Snoot Grid pointing at the book to get the light effect on the book and in the table.

Light Painting_04

I started to paint with the flash light around the book and in front of it also, do not point the light directly into the lens or you could blow a couple of shots :)

The flames are made with a small MagLite flashlight covered with my thumb and index fingers that gave it a reddish tone, then moving along the book to create the effect.

Nothing special just use your head and create some amazing stuff with this simple setup.



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