Friday, July 13, 2007

Tip: Ways to condom your images

While I'm preparing the part 2 of My Gear article and because today is Friday the 13th it's never too much to talk about this issue.

I was inquired by several emails on how the hell do I protect my web images, if I had any "special way" to make it or I just leave them there to be stolen.

Photographer David Riecks have an extensive way to make it on his web page.

Just take a look around some of the methods and chose what suits you.

I add watermark on the bottom right side of my photos and use right click java script to condom them.

Remember to always wear protection ;)

Don't let it happen to you what have happen to others as Paul Indigo talks about in his Beyond the Obvious blog about some stolen images entering and winning in a Fujifilm competition.

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