Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Future technologies - What will we be facing

It came to my attention some great videos on YouTube and I just want to share them with you.

The near future, or maybe not so near, it will bring a lot of changes to the way we will communicate and use things.

Go grab yourself a cup of coffee, lean back and take a look at these cool videos compilation I've put together.

I want one of these babies... !!!!

From the same author of the previous video but this one contains the live view of this great technology.

Interacting with objects.

BIG on screen with lots of options available.

Microsoft and the "Surface Computer" technology race.

Can you imagine all tis on a scanner, just take a look at the next cool video.

Next video applies the commercial brand "It's a SONY"...

A cool touch screen laptop.

Next movies will be available soon at a local bar, restaurant or even hotel near you.

Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard and welcome the touch or surface screens :)

And to put an end to these series here goes the last one a really cool feature for photography based on Seadragon technology. Hang on to your seat before you see this one!!!!

The author explains the process live.

Hope you enjoy these series.

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