Thursday, September 20, 2007

Matters of the Umbrella (Brolly) size

Umbrella Reinforce_015Fellow photographer Jon Britt has started out a series of posts on his blog about his experiences with off camera flash and his Umbrella (Brolly) titled Photography and Design 101.

In fact this came into my attention because he mentioned, at the bottom, one article I wrote on the DIY: Westcott Umbrella Reinforcement if you haven't read it yet just click the link to check it out.

I also would like to point out that I'm a Portuguese photographer now living and working in Luxembourg and surroundings and not, as he mentioned, a British one. ;)

Anyway take a look at his article, he points out the use of the Umbrella as he clears out the Bigger doesn't necessary means means better.

Pay him a visit on his SmugSmug gallery for some more of his work.

Here is the link to Photography and Design 101 by Jon Britt. You can also find his link on the right side panel.

This wave of 101's and DIY started out when MR. David Hobby started the Strobist (off camera lighting with small strobes) last year when he begin to point people towards the use of their small strobes, off the camera, for better lighting as well as understanding how the position of the light can dramatically improve your photos even if you do not have studio quality equipment.

This was a good thing that arise... I remember old days when fellow photographers won't share their technical secrets in prowl of the community and sometimes you had to buy those expensive Pro Lighting books to get some setups and some guidance.

MR. David Hobby broken the rules (hey, but weren't rules meant to be broken in photography?) and started to point out some works he has done with his small Nikon strobes and while doing it, he also ended up showing the setups used to make that particular shot with a very good explanation how readers could accomplish that look also with almost no effort.

This was major step forward the breaking rules, nowadays people share their knowledge (including myself) with the photography community and the results are simply great and more new ideas are emerging from this.

I would like to thank you MR.David Hobby (MR with capital letters because this is one Master fellow in Lighting issues) for all the support and don't forget to check Strobist page for the latest on Lighting.

Another fellow that I also admire is Dean Collins, unfortunately he's not with us anymore but you can always check his lighting videos by ordering them at Software Cinema. If you don't have them already what are you waiting for to order? Very good stuff!!!

A new one as recently came out "Dean Collins On Lighting - Live at Brooks Institute of Photography" take a preview of what you'll get (Video). I already got mine and you?

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