Interesting and useful Photographic Tools

Reader Gordon McKinney has an interesting Photographic Cheat Sheet that could be very useful. You just need to print it out and use it on all situations you may need it.

Lots of information you can use as a reference to your projects. From Available Light, Sensor Vs Exposure, Sun Altitude Vs Scene Details, Minimum Hand Held Shutter and Typical Scene Exposure Values. Also he got this updated very often.

By the date I wrote this article it's on version 1.81.

Reviewed again the DVD video from Dean Collins live at Brooklyn Institute and this guy was a genius!!!

Hey you do not know who Dean Collins was ?? Check his web site for more info.

Also here goes the direct link for the Dean Colins Chromozone chart. If you haven't bought this DVD, go get it, this is a must get.

The idea of creating your own colors with precise light on any ambiance or background is excellent. You got to see this and then print the Chromozone chart as reference.

You can buy it from Software Cinema.

Last but not least here is a link to Sun and Moon calculator. You never know when you are going to need this.

This is also a very precise one with a lot of cities from around the world.

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more great things coming.

I have almost finished part 2 of the "DIY: Soft Light Panel - Small Improvements (Part 2 of 3)". A lot of you been questioning about how to put this baby up... soon guys, soon you will get your answers.

This tutorial will be full of pictures so you can improve your Panel the way it best suits for you.

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Mortimer said...

You should check out EarthTools. It's even easier to get your sunrise/sunset time as you just have to point into the google map where you want. It supposer EVERYwhere in the world ;)