Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mama Shan has done it again

I had already mentioned that Mama Shan's products are getting my attention for some time first because of their price, second they are so simple to use and third the results are very professional.

First was the Studio Portrait Pack action for Adobe Photoshop and now she had come with a new way to fight back the acne simply called Rosacea Treatment action.

This action will require interaction from you and will create a Group/Set above your currently highlighted layer or group. Use an Airbrush Soft Round style brush to wipe away the Rosacea acne. This action is for Rosacea or red acne on persons not already wearing makeup. The action combines my Rosacea reduction formula, color correction and saturation, automatic powder dust and sharpening within the Group Set.

Wouldn't it be nice for a young or older person who had this condition, to one day look back and actually see a few photos of themselves without the condition? That's what Mama thought, anyway--and so I developed this Action Kit to reduce the apparent effects of this very sensitive condition.

Use this action to increase your sales by increasing the specialty retouching services you offer. Great for Seniors and Prom pictures when this condition is obvious!

Take a look at the above pictures form the Before and After.

Here is a 2 minute video of what you can accomplish with this action.

You can even watch the technical videos at Mama Shan's YouTube page.

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