Friday, November 9, 2007

Free RAW Thumbnail Viewer for windows

If you are a little broke ;) like me you are still using windows to view and manage your photos and still looking for some free gadgets to add to your software collection to improve your workflow speed.

Until recently I've been using the Microsoft Raw viewer to get the thumbnails previews on my windows system but now that I have changed my Canon Powershot G6 for the new Powershot G9 those previews were gone :(

There are lot of you asking me about the previews photos when browsing through your files for the Canon 40D and if I had any solution for it.

Well guys, the time of waiting has come into an end.

ArcSoft RAW Thumbnail viewer is the solutions to all your prayers :)

This is a FREE download from the ArcSoft web page and you can get to preview the thumbnails on windows to all the new cameras out there.

The software is capable of previewing the formats:

* Adobe (DNG)
* Canon
* Hasselblad
* Kodak
* Leica
* Mamiya
* Nikon
* Olympus
* Pentax
* Ricoh
* Samsung
* Sigma
* Sony

Hope this could help you out as much as it's helping me finding those unseen thumbnails.


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