Saturday, December 1, 2007

DIY: Plastic Cheese Diffuser

Plastic Cheese Diffuser_001I start the last month of 2007 year with a great, almost free, idea.

A Plastic Cheese Diffuser, yes you heard me right, A PLASTIC CHEESE DIFFUSER.

Let me tell you how this all happened.

Today I was doing my weekend shopping with my wife when suddenly she told me that we needed some cheese for a recipe she was going to prepare.

So up until here nothing, I then, on the supermarket, I walk to the section where they have the cheeses and hams.

My Lighting Mods ideas came into place when I saw that the cheese and ham slice packages had a plastic feature very good to make a diffuser for my small strobes.

Take a look at the backside of the package.

Plastic Cheese Diffuser_002

This is a great thing and you don't even have to cut it.

Plastic Cheese Diffuser_003

I look at the package and BANG!!! a Diffuser came right into my mind :)

Also you can get a some more and make maybe a diffusion box or use it to soft diffuse the light to your objects.

I found this great because you can get the diffuser for about €2,72 (the price this package cost) and also got some free cheese :)

Let's look at it when I mounted it on the flash.

Plastic Cheese Diffuser_004

You can attach it vertically.

Plastic Cheese Diffuser_005

Or Horizontally. I did not have time to put some Velcro in it so it could stick on either side of the flash but I think you catch my drift ;)

This is a very nice piece of plastic since it's not very hard, you can shape it if you like and you can even glue it with others to make maybe a bigger.

Or you can use it as a white reflector but if put some wrapped aluminum foil on the other side you now have a two in one reflector. One side white the other silver great for those times when you need a small portable reflector.

The only thing that you need to do after taking it out of the package is to wash it out to remove some cheese or ham smell and there you go a ready to use flash diffuser.

Hey I just remember if you are on a shooting and you, for some reason, you forgot the diffuser juts take a look at the nearest supermarket for one of these. You can always have the cheese or ham afterwards.

I can tell you that the cheese on the package, after opened it, magically disappeared so I did had to return to the supermarket and get another and again another diffuser ;)


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