Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gear - Hey, what's that for?

For quite sometime now I've been following closely the work on another very good photographer that I admire his photojournalist work very much his name is Mr. John Harrington

John Harrington has been making images for about 20 years, from impeachment hearings and Supreme Court inaugurations to annual reports, to the white house, he has served as an official photographer to folks like the Rolling Stones and Liz Taylor, also produced commercial and advertising work for the likes of Lockheed Martin to Coca Cola, from XM satellite radio to General Motors and traveled to every state, among them Alaska, Arizona, and trips to Cuba and Prague for editorial assignments.

Now he's showing us what he use, why he use it, and more importantly, how he keep it organized for the load and go day trip to the air cargo drop off all these available on small videos on his blog "Assignment Construct".

These video are just as much for his newly minded staff, insights and “how to’s” for his newly interns, and a response to other photographers who ask what he's using and how he pack it.

As you may well know Chase Jarvis has also done something similar to this on his blog by showing us a small and full version of how to have an excellent Packing Photography Gear. If you have not seen it before take a look in here.

Mr. Harrington started blogging on the beginning of 2006 and consistently been showing what kind of setups he was using as well as the lighting techniques to all of his photo assignments.

Maybe that's why he maned his blog Assignment Construct.

As we all like to know what was behind the scenes Mr.Harrington shows us the final images as well as the complete detail on how he accomplished that look or effect.

If you are a FAN of Strobist then you should also check this guy out.

He make some confessions about the Concept/Objective, Pre-Production, Assignment, Post-Production and also makes a Final Analysis of that particular assignment.

Very well written you also get an idea how does it feels to do the everyday work assignment for a Newspaper, Magazine or News Agency.

Take a look at the video segments where he talks about all the possible gear you can get and how you can use it:
Introduction of The What We Use Video Series

Individual Segments:
Softbox & Light Modifier Kit ||| Lighting Stands Case ||| Primary Hensel Vela Lighting Kit ||| Rololights Continuous Source Lighting ||| Rololights Lighting Stands Kit ||| Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III Kit ||| Nikon D3 Kit ||| Jacobsen Sound Blimp Kit ||| California Sunbounce Lighting Reflector ||| Gels & Gelly Rolls ||| Lowel DP Hotlight Kit ||| Lowel Omni & Tota Hotlight Kit ||| Macbook Pro Laptop Kit ||| Hensel Porty Bi-Tube Kit ||| Hensel Porty Kit ||| Hensel Porty Ringlight Kit ||| Hensel Tria 1500 Kit ||| Hensel Tria 3000 Kit ||| Hensel Vela Add-On Kit ||| Cord Kit ||| Kenyon Gyro Kit ||| Reviewing Kit ||| Photo Equipment Carts ||| Photo Equipment Cases ||| Computers & Monitors - Travel Kit ||| Fog Machine ||| Hasselblad Kit ||| White Lightning Lighting Kit ||| Video Kit ||| Audio Entertainment Kit ||| Audio Sound Kit ||| Sandbags ||| Stands

A lot of this gear is very expensive and some of the things you may never get your hands on one, but at least you got an idea how gear works even the more expensive ones ;)

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