Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lighting Mods Advertising


Introduce your Product, Service or Website
to more than 50,000 Photographers


Why just read Lighting Mods when you can be part of it?

Now you can introduce your company to self-motivated digital photographers all around the word in a single, low-cost step. Lighting Mods is particularly interested in partnerships with quality companies who seek to build long-term, non predatory relationships with enthusiastic, growing photographers. Because that's what we do, too.

Consider the stats:

Lighting Mods is interacting with more than 50,000 "absolute unique" photographers each month. More then 3,000 visits and more than 8,000 page views is the daily statistics (January, 2008).

Where they come from:

United States: 37.22%
United Kingdom: 10.66%
Canada: 6.66%
Spain: 4.08%
Germany: 3.94%
Netherlands: 2.48%
Australia: 2.40%
Poland: 2.16%
Portugal: 1.96%
Italy: 1.71%
155 other countries: 14.96%

(Source: Google Analytics)

Cheap and Fun

Prices for image-linked ads are as follows:

Prices for image-linked ads are as follows:
- 468p x 60p top banner (when available): €2.00/1,000 impressions*
- 200p X 100p sidebar above fold: €1.50/1,000 impressions
- 200p X 100p sidebar below fold: €1.00/1,000 impressions
- 468p x 60p bottom banner (when available): €1.50/1,000 impressions

(*Example: At €2/1,000 impressions, the cost to get your ad displayed
100,000 times would be €200.00. At €1.50/1,000 impressions, the cost to
get your ad displayed 1,000,000 times would be €1,500.00.)

Ad position within these categories is based on seniority.

We accept jpegs, standard gifs and animated gifs. You may host the image, or we will do it for you. (Our preference is for the former if you have the capability, as it allows you to both independently monitor page view counts and to swap out ad styles at will.) All ads are subject to prior approval. Payment is accepted via PayPal.

Minimum commitment is one month. Smaller, trial runs are permitted for first-time advertisers.

Still have questions, or wanna go ahead and get the ball rolling? Please leave a comment -- with contact info -- below. Your comment and contact info will not be published, and we'll be in touch ASAP.

Please note: If you do not leave a contact email address, I cannot get back to you!


David Jones said...


You really have a great site and your articles are good for any beginner to amateur photographer. Was just curious to know do you are interested for advertisement on your website, because we have client related photography niche and think it will good to have advertisement for them on your website. If you think we can take this ahead please let me know so that I can mail you more details.


ruimleal said...

Hello David,

mail me about it.

Bets regards,