Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lighting Mods featuring as one of the Favorites

Today I just got another great news!!!

I know it came a little late to my attention but I think that things like this do never come too late :)

Lighting Mods has feature, in 2007-07-15, on the blog as one of the favorites right above Strobist.

Thank you Udi J. Tirosh for the confidence and wonderful support at, you really got yourself a pretty good page there with lots of great information.

I also wanna take the time to THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful support, over the last year, and for all the emails with questions and suggestions. Keep them coming :)

I also would like to mention that My Wife and I we're expecting 2 Babies David and Tereza and they will start to see the "available light" on the 13th February, today doctor's confirmation.

My new "toys" are coming

Things may become a little bit slower than the normal posting but I'm preparing some good articles in advance ;)

I'm also planning on creating the Monday tip of the week so that each week you will have a tip to improve your shooting either with flash or non flash subjects.

Hope I can make this on a regular basis since time will only tell.

As usual suggestions and tips are more than welcome.



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