Monday, February 4, 2008

Europe Shops Major list update

Today I took the day to reprogram the code and select some more European stores that sale Strobist products so that the list could grow and be each time more complete.

On today's update I manage to improve the better looking of the box and included the online store for each item, also made the items visually available by country.

With some help from fellow photographer Timo Schnitzlein I could make a BIG upgrade to the German stores.

As I try to make a complete scan, to exhaustion, of all the web sites and links people have send me, so I can link to direct products descriptions this is (as you can imagine) is time consuming and I'm so sorry if the updates aren't getting frequently, but I'm doing my best here ;)

Please feel free to send me more stores to add to the list or you can follow and add them directly to the Discussion group at Flickr in here because I look it regularly.

If there is a programmer out there who would like to help me out with some coding in order to make the list better for reading and a little more customizable would be very very welcome.

I also would like it to be able to have some tables with descriptions for the shops, user comments, prices, ratings and contacts. This would help us out to choose what would better fit the needs of each one of us and without having to navigate the all online store in search of that particular product I would have direct links to the products... maybe some images too.

Let me know your thoughts and hope you all enjoy the Strobist European online Store on the right side panel of this blog as much as I enjoy making it.

Fellow blogger Udi Tirosh as also recomended 7 stores for the DIY (Do It Yourself) Photographer in his DIY Photographers blog.

You can find links to some of the best hardware stores from Home Depot to Hobby Lobby and Ikea.

Just take a look at the direct link in here.

Also hope the effort will be appreciated by the Strobist community.

Thank you David for everything.

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