Sunday, February 17, 2008

Inside a Paparazzi's camera bag

Would like to thank you all for the wonderful messages I've been receiving.

They have been very welcomed and me and my family we thank you all for the support.

On todays article I found this piece very interesting and since a lot of you have been asking me a lot of questions about my gear this should be a good complement to those questions.

Have you ever wonder what's inside a Paparazzi bag?
Wonder no more.

Fellow photographer Henry Flores co-owner of BUZZFOTO show us what he carries in his bag.

This is a rare look inside a working photographers camera bags, along with the reasons for each piece.

Some great advice for general street shooters as he shows us the magical Pepper Spray and explains why he has it.

Take a look at the video after the jump.

I also would like to thank Damon Webster at for making these great video series.


Anonymous said...

While it is interesting to see what is in his bag, I really disagree with his views on photography and feel that people like him give photographers a bad name.

I'm wondering what that brown bag was, Domke?

Cyler Parent said...

I agree with Dan. He said it perfectly.

Carlos Manta Oliveira said...

Great Stuff.

Basically a photographer trying not to look like a photographer.

It reminds me of a friend who went to see a wrestling fight. He called them in advance, after buying the tickets asking whether he could take his camera with him.

Since they agreed, he took his 500mm he uses for wild-life photography, and was refused the entry to the event. The reason was "professional" cameras were not allowed, only for personal use...

Anonymous said...

"we have to combine sports photography with photo journalism"

None of those photo journalist shoot sports..

"I like faster lenses cause there sharper and faster"

really faster?

I agree with the above, this guy fumbled on every term, he gives photographers a bad name