Sunday, March 2, 2008

Inside a Red Carpet Photographers Bag

On a previous article I've showed you the Inside a Paparazzi's camera bag.

Today I will show you something different...

Fellow Getty Images photographer Frazer Harrison who primarily works are the entertainment world.

We get a look inside his camera bag, right after he spent the weekend shooting the Oscars and the Independent Spirit Awards.

This is a working photographer with over 20 years experience who'll show you the gear he takes to do the job.

Here goes the first part of the video.

Here is part two with a little more details on what's in the bag and how can you use them.

And if you're into runaway shootings or Red Carpet events take a look at the next video as Shane Cisneros and Harrison Frazer from Getty Images show us what works and want are the best captures.

and last but not least an inside view at the Photographers job on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

This is what we all get when we are on the line for a fashion shooting ;)

You can see in this last video the complete setup of the photographers and the positions each one has to assume on a big event and while working to an agency.

My advise is take pictures of everyone and get their names on camera (if you have a recording feature on it) or write down their names on a piece of paper for later on because the agency will want to know who are you shooting.

Whenever possible use the flash off-camera with a bracket so you won't get too much shadows on the walls and prepare yourself for a lot of stress, shouting and confusion.

And wire your images as fast as you can ;)

Stay focused and you'll make a good job.

Enjoy the videos.

I also would like to thank Damon Webster at for making these great video series.
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