Friday, April 11, 2008

DIY: How to Assemble an Antenna to GI Triggers

GI & PW Side-By-Side_005What's inside the package:After posting the "Gadget Infinity & Pocket Wizard Side-By-Side" A lot of you been asking if I have made a transformation on my Gadget Infinity triggers in order for them to have a better range.

My answer, so far, was NO!! until I looked at this great video of how you can attach a 433mhz antenna onto the Gadget Infinity remote flash trigger and increase the range.

Here is the full video.

Thanks to Brad Shearer who were willing to share the video with all of us. Take a moment to look at his website too.

If you do not follow everything and you are more like the reading type then you must check the full detailed Mod at Jeremy Kuster's blog page and you even get a free Mod on how to make an external battery compartment case to fit 2 AA batteries instead of the versus the CR2 3V batteries.
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