Thursday, June 19, 2008

PacSafe The New CarrySafe100

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_001
I had already talked about the PacSafe products has one of the best on the market concerning camera and gear security.

If you have missed the article just check Secure your Luggage anywhere with Pacsafe.

Today I have received the new version of their CarrySafe 100 Straps and decided to give a small review on the differences between the old model and the new one.

At first and has you look at the package nothing has changed. It has the same good looking package and no difference can be eyeballed.

But let's get a good look inside.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_002

Now the connection straps are different. On the above picture you can see me pointing at the new ones.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_003

The protective covers, this protects your screen and back part of the camera from possible scratches, are pretty much the same. I did notice some surface smoothness difference, maybe they have changed the manufacturing material,
but no big deal here.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_004

Now comes the best part...

Has you can see from the image they have change significantly the locker system. The new one now has a safe locking device that makes it even more secure.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_005

Couldn't catch my drift? Just take a closer look and you can see the locking mechanism I was talking about.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_006

Here on the unlocking position.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_007

And here on the locking position.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_008

You just have to flip the plastic part from left to right or right to left concerning the position you want (Locked or Unlocked) very simple and effective. This would give you a more secure strap.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_009

Another thing I noticed is that now the neck strap (Left) is sewed more closely to the strap in order for it not to slip under it.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_010

In my personal use experience with this neck strap I do prefer the old ones (Bottom) because you can always adjust the strap as you want and if you position it like I did on the picture it will stay on the same place all the time has the other tend to move around too much, but this is also something you could make... just un-sew it and sew it again a little bit more loose, no big deal.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_011

Next and final they have changed the neck strap interior.

PacSafe New CarrySafe100_012

Has you can see from the picture (Left) the interior is a more spongy and textured and the conceived materials had also change.

Here they could have had a little bit more caution on this since the new materials are a little bit more hard and with a long day use you can start to have your neck red scratched.

Call me what you want but I do prefer the old ones since they are softer and smoother.

Anyway I think the new changes are more than welcome and you can buy the PacSafe100 online here or try to find a nearest dealer at their web page.

Although Portugal is not contemplated I can assure you that deals are taking place and maybe by the end of the year we will have PacSafe products in Portugal.

I made a couple of shots of my PacSafe Anti-Theft bag net, the PacSafe 85, usage at Rock in Rio Lisboa 2008 and decided to show you how it works in the field.

PacSafe85 on use at Rock in Rio Lisboa 2008

Here is my station at the Press tent. You can see that I got my snack and my water bottle ;)

I have it set on the table and the computer also have a locking system that goes through the PacSafe85 this way if somebody wants to take it away they will have to drag everything out of the building.

PacSafe85 on use at Rock in Rio Lisboa 2008

This shot shows you how I have strapped it to the table and also through the chair this way would be more difficult to pass through the security at the Press tent with a bag and a chair, also you will make sure you will have chair when you get back to your post ;)

PacSafe85 on use at Rock in Rio Lisboa 2008

Just take a look at everyone admiring the system and I also made the quick photo "a la Strobist" way.
I had my GI with me on that day so it was an easy one.


António Correia said...

Here is another of your posts which is very interesting.
I am sure all these posts give you a lot of work, like writting down everything, shooting, re-writting, spelling and so forth.
Keep the good work Rui.

Mike huffstatler said...

I'm glad you are happy with the PacSafe strap. Reviews like yours and several others that had very favorable things to say about the unit gave me the confidence to go ahead and get one. I purchased the new-style strap at my local REI, brought it home and ran it through a fair amount of testing to gain confidence in its abilities to hold my 1DmarkII bodies and L-glass. I found the strap fairly comfortable, and seemingly secure enough to trust as my primary strap during a trip to southeast Asia.

The strap is being returned after using in the field for 10 days.

Garbage. Poorly built. Zero reliability. Nearly cost me $5000.00 US dollars in lost equipment. I've tried to contact the company 3 times since retuning, and I have received exactly ZERO response. No offers to stand behind their product and replace, no suggestions to return to place of purchase. Nothing. It's not the end of the's only $20 lost, but it is a VITAL accessory.

I was working in fairly hot, humid conditions, mostly in the floating villages of northern Cambodia. On several occasions, the strap simply came undone. The strap locks did not hold. I found that I had to constantly check to see if the strap was secure. The final failure came when the strap's stitching broke completely and the camera/lens fell to the ground from my shoulder. This was not a small fall, as I am 6'3". This was a complete failure of the equipment. Upon looking at the unit further, it is my personal opinion that this strap was never designed to hold more than a small camera. I would very strongly discourage anyone from using this with anything weighing more than a couple of pounds, or 1kg. I was quite fortunate that the camera fell while I was on a hard floor of a barge, not in my typical position over or quite near the water. This would have been a disaster.

I really don't want to be the bad guy here, and I'm not some nut ranting on the internet. I have over 25 years of shooting experience and have used many, many different types of straps. This is the first ever that has completely failed like this. Others should be aware of potential limitations. I might indeed be a bit frustrated that the company has refused to acknowledge my inquiries, but that has not impacted these comments. Bad product design is bad product design. Zero customer service, is zero customer service. I've canceled my plans to acquire additional PacSafe products. Hopefully there are other solutions out there for security products.

Rant over. Time to go back to the other proven straps.

Gary said...

I can really appreciate your post. I seriuosly looked into the camera strap too. My wife has a small waist pack of theirs and the fabric wore thru from the cable rubbing FROM THE INSIDE. Still functional but looks like crap.