Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting the Best Light At Wedding Receptions With Multiple Strobes

Wedding photographer David Ziser show us, at his blog DigitalProTalk, a very nice example of one of his wedding techniques where he demonstrates a different approach to photograph weddings with multiple strobes.

I confess that I'm not into weddings, yet, but the multiple strobe part caught my eye.

He explains the technique so well, with some examples and diagrams it's a must.

Take a look...

David explains:

"In this video tutorial, I'll walk you through my tried and true techniques for getting the best light on the wedding candids.

For candids to look better than good, you need to light your subject with a highlight next to a shadow. It is only then do we get the detail, depth, dimension, and color saturation in our images that separates the men and women from the boys and girls.

It's light that makes them pop out of the background finally giving your images that 3-dimensional polish they deserve."

Feel free to add your comments to the video.

Thank you David Ziser for the wonderful video and keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

somehow i find his work uninteresting. captures he shows are nothing more than enough. he plays with strobe light it's a fact but nothing more. the thing is, I didn't see a single picture I want to own.

Rachael Ellison said...

how do you maintain 10, 2 & 6 o-clock positions during a reception when one of your lights are stationary? Or do you capture the action from one point in the room and stay there... Or are you using 2 assistants to hold the lights and the camera moves anywhere in the room?

Rui M Leal said...

Hi Rachael,

in fact I do not know how he does it. Why don't you send him an email at his web page.