Friday, September 5, 2008

Evolution... ??

Will this means a 1D MarkIV or 1DMarkIIIn camera without any bugs?

A lot of friends been changing their gear to Nikon and their new Nikon D3 with a lot of new features and the high ISO that we all love but would this mean that the war between Canon and Nikon will rise fro the ashes after so many years Canon leading the way?

I hope, for the sake of all photographers, that this war will rise again. This could only mean one think... the consumers, and I mean all of us, will get improvements on our gear faster. On the other hand photography business is turning into an update virtual world like computers... as soon as you got a new model a couple of months later a new with a lot of improvements will rise up.

This will lead us more into the indecision to buy the current model or wait a couple of months for an update to a better one.

Hey!!!... but wait a minute...

Aren't we photographers? why are we always taking advantage of the new technologies and not concentrate on what is really important that is taking photographs?

There are fellow photographers that still use film cameras with great results and people still read lighting books written for film.

Manufacturers lead us into this digital/pixel madness war and instead of improving their systems they lead the consumer into buy a camera for the increase number of Pixels they have. They did not care if the sensor had more noise just as long as it has more pixel people will buy it thinking that they will benefit from the larger pixels.

The cleaning sensor was one of the most wanted on Canon system but after the release of their 1D MarkII they came to the press and claim that their system would not collect dust bunnies and Blah! Blah! Blah! Well I do not know you but mine are a magnet bunnies collector :)

What happen a couple cameras later?... well you know the story.

Over the years one think manufacturers didn't seem to care about was the flash system and their firing, they did not care if the camera would produce great shots with flash nor they care if you could mount it off camera for different uses.

On the flash part I can say that Nikon has several advantages over the Canon system but they have never corrected them, go guess why... we just live in a commercial world, if it has a great feeling and looks and sells then we are happy with it.

Canon over the years, and I an say this because Nikon seemed not too much interested on the digital race, been playing with all of us for the commercial side. They never really got an improvement on their flash system. The ST-E2 trigger is has old has my first digital and the batteries too expensive for what it can really do in broad day light. Canon had plenty of time and sure have the money and means to create a integrated wireless system to implement internally on the body via radio frequency and a receiver on the flash.

But then you could come and say... hey but that would cost a lot of money for approval of the FCC for all the countries and blah, blah, blah. Well my friend that is what Canon lead us to... you have the example of a small group who created some great trigger for the Canon system called RadioPopper and they lived :)

Why not make a joint venture with Pocket Wizard or some others like Gadget Infinity to improve their systems, Nikon had PW on some of their bodies but abandon it?

Well just because it wasn't in their plans and because photographer demands aren't their priority :(

So we just have to see what Canon will be bringing to the world. We now know that the 5D MarkII will be coming out and since they are using the new DigicIV processor so probably the 1D would be called 1DMarkIV with integrated video recording.

AHHH!!! AHHHH!!! LIVE VIDEO RECORDING, now it's the Video race that we will all have to face since the Mega Pixel race is almost on their limit. I'm sure this will be the EVOLUTION Canon states on their commercial ADD.

This will affect the way bands will approach the 3 limit song on concerts and all the rest of the limits they have implemented. I'm sure with all this EVOLUTION photojournalism has we know it may be having an end sooner that we thought.

Your editor, soon or later, will be saying - "Hey man, send me the written story, get me a couple of good shots and while you are there do me a clip interview of the subject". ;) A one man show...

Well, we will have to wait for Photokina in Cologne to find out :(


Tony said...

Hey Rui,

Well said.

I second the motion. It's time Canon got their act together before Nikon kicks their ass out of the game.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to nit pick but RadioPoppers will actually work on Canon and Nikon systems (other brands in the process of testing)

See href="" for a Nikon system 'dressed' in a RadioPopper and for a compatibility list.

I cannot say to how good this works as they haven't release RadioPoppers in my country yet.


NB: Not affiliated with RP, just pointing out potential miss information.

SeanMcC said...

The shape is much smaller than the 1D series, so it may be the 5D replacement.

Sami said...

Well spoken Rui, couldn't agree more. ST-E2 is terrible considering the vast R&D recources Canon has.

Canon seems to be the Nokia of SLR:s; strong in basic tehcnology, but follower in innovations.

I'm still sticking with my 6,3Mpix 10D and consentrating on lenses and flashes etc. Why? New SLR's have only high ISO quality that I need(D3, 5D), I don't need live view and all those gimmicks.