Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tip: Setting Up a Remote Camera

Max Simbron, of, has done it again.

This time he send us a great video where he teach us how to setup a remote camera on field.

Enjoy the Video...

Here is a list of what you need, as seen in this video:

- Camera
- 2 different lenses (choose what you need depending on the angle view you want)
- Angle finder (helps with the Low angle views from the camera position)
- Table Top tripod
- Roll of Gaffer Tape
- 2 Pocket Wizards
- pre-trigger cable to connect the PW to the camera


PShizzy said...

Hey, thanks for linking to the video. Actually this video was made before the Unpacking of the Think Tank Airport bag.

I'm glad the videos have been viewed and appreciated by so many people.


Daniel Condurachi said...

That is formidable... I would have never think of shooting with 2 cameras for the same moment. It's a great idea. Thank you for sharing and making out minds more rich