Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Copyright Infringement

Due to complaint of copyright infringement presented by Mr. Damon Webster author of the videos Inside of...

Inside a Paparazzi's camera bag
Inside a Red Carpet Photographers Bag
Inside a Fashion Week Photographer's Bag
Inside a Sports Photographer's Bag

I have removed all of them and the related contents to

Sorry guys for all this mess but it seems that a reader tipped of Mr. Damon Webster saying I was stealing his videos and text and cooking them here under my own name.

Well this is what you get when you want to help others with this kind of videos, and since Mr. Damon Webster did not want the contents to be available here I had to removed them from my YouTube page and the content from here.

Guess that next time you have to find them yourself :(

Thank you Mr. Webster for the understanding.


Monty said...

Mr. Webster - Thank You for educating US!

jeremy said...

I'm sure he was upset because you put them on your own youtube account, I would be too! Ask him to host the videos himself on youtube or elsewhere, then embed his video in your site.

Or, if he's just being an a-hole, don't worry about it, you didn't need him anyways.

ervin said...

Well, Rui, looking at it objectively, you did actually steal those videos from him - even if you did it with noble (or whatever) intentions, no matter, a rose is still a rose.

Of course it happens on the internet all the time, but at least don't put yourself in a huff when you get called for it and the guy is right.

Keep to your own stuff, that's what you do best anyway.


ps. By the way, did you ask for permission to use his logo (with an emtpy link to tease)?

bob said...

I would also be upset if you hosted my videos under your youtube account. You probably meant no harm but to do it without asking permission ...

@jeremy - how would you have reacted to finding your work being posted on youtube?

Thanks anyway Rui for all the hard work and great content on your site.

Anonymous said...

Tranquilo Rui no creo que hayas hecho algo malo, pienso que el conocimiento es derecho de todos, y Sr. Webster creo que este sitio es mucho más que sus videos, saludos y adelante Rui!!

Ricky Heredia

damonw said...

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the series. We have over 70 videos at, plus a ton more photo-ness. And we give away free goods every week.
Appreciate the solid comments.

Patey North said...

I'm assuming this is an introduction to web copyright issues for this blog's author. It could have been much worse! Rui, you're fortunate to have had such an understanding victim. It certainly seems you meant no harm, which I'm sure had a big effect on how he handled the situation.

Live and learn! And I agree with the other posters here, you're doing fine without robin-hooding other people's material. :-)