Tip: Record Video with "almost" any Liveview EOS Camera

This is the kind of feature I would love to see implemented on the Canon software.
Although Canon has the ability to preview and record directly to card from the Remote Camera software provided it will not allow recording to the computer disk

This could be a good feature to implement and I'm pretty sure it will not be difficult to make.

Would no only allow us to remote control video but recorded it directly to a hard drive without having to buy those expensive cards and due to the 4Gb limit this would not be a violation of the video rules but a neat feature to have.

Did I mentioned any?? Well not direct Hard Drive recording for the moment but...

Anyway take a look at this Beta Beta Beta version of this cool piece of software unfortunately it is not available for Mac users nor for the recently released Canon cameras the 5D MarkII and the 50D giving a connection error :( hope this would be fix soon.


Recording video from EOS cameras with liveview was never this easy ;)

Connect camera to computer with USB, run program, press “write” button and check out the .avi file in program folder.

Sample Videos:

and this one

You can Download the software program (Windows only) Here.

Original post in russian Here.

And here is the Google translation for the article ;), just in case you could not understand Russian :)

--- Beginning of Translation ---

This theme is dedicated to the possibility of the record of short videotapes directly to the computer with the aid of the digital specular cameras Of canon EOS with the support Of liveView.

For this we used the program, located here, with a brief description there.

Video is written without the sound, codec - MJPEG, frame frequency of approximately 25 fps (it depends on computer), permission depends on camera, to 450D - 848x560, to 40D - 1024x680.
The resulting file - this is simple the collection of personnel Of liveView without [obraboki] (and/or recoding) in the container of avi; therefore files are obtained such enormous.

If suddenly someone wants to be joined to the development, write here, truth can it is necessary to pass into the programmer branch of forum.

For many this is deprived of sense, of " [zerkalka] must remove [foto]" , strictly, probably I will agree, program was created for the indulgence, however, since users appeared, first it means to whom that it is necessary (i.e. also they frolic) By the author it was tested only to Canon EOS 450D, but it was explained that it works, also with 40D and 1000D. The 5D Mark II and 50D do not work for the moment.

I Already saw the opinion of some people, the fact that the matrix can burn about, I think this is not so bad, indeed in the program of canon EOS utility (in the regime Of liveView) we see also video, only without the possibility of record. In any event program is supplied as a test version without any guarantees, use it at your own risk.

--- End of Translation ---


scherbi said...

I tried it, and it works. Quality looks great. This is going to be fun with the macro lens!

Murray Gardiner said...

I downloaded eos_movrec and thus far it is unable to see my 50D. Any suggestions?

Il-bruco said...

any idea how to increase frame rate?