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I would like to wish everyone a Happy New 2009 and hope that you all had a great celebration.

On today's post I decided to announce some new changes to Lighting Mods that a lot of you people been emailing me about and telling me that sometimes things are difficult to "dig" on the blog since it has grown quite a bite.

So I decided to create a new pull down Menu bar just for Adobe Lightroom related articles.

Also been rearranging articles so they can fit in each categories of the Menu.

So they will be sorted out as:

General Articles - For all the articles related to photography but do not have any relevant information to your learning ;)

DIY Articles
- These articles would be related to DIY (Do It Yourself) or things you can do by yourself, build and homemade stuff.

Tips Articles - Well I think the title says it all... these will be the ones with content information that could help you out on solving some of your troubles or questions.

And last but not least,

Adobe Lightroom Article - Here will be all Adobe Lightroom related articles. Hope that in 2009 I could bring you more articles about Lightroom and also some tips and tricks.

The menus will be changing quite a lot these next days so keep a peak at them.

Don't forget that you also have the Europe store links at the top where you can always find good deals for the Strobist gear in Europe. Leave me a not if you have a local store that is not mentioned and have a site link.

A lot of new things will be coming to Lighting Mods and also a lot of new articles are on the forge.



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dale h lewis said...

Great changes thanks and look forward to seeing more in 2009.