Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tip: Don't Loose Your Focus!!

Using the gear at Moda Lisboa

How many times lack of focus and not knowing what to do next will block your mind from doing what you really like?

Today I just wanted to share with you this wonderful video as part of your growing photographer experience. Not that the video has anything to do with photography, on the contrary it has a lot of human reactions to what may not seem too obvious.

Many times, on my assignments, I lack inspiration to create better images than my previous ones. Maybe because I'm always pushing my cyclops eye into the unknown or even worst letting others judge the work I do causing some lost of focus and objectivity.

Sometimes we are so influenced by what others judge on our work that we do not give it credit, maybe we could not accomplish some objectives just by thinking we are older, shorter, thinner or maybe even fatter.

Come on people... put your head up and keep your track and everything will come it's way.

Just as an example of what I'm trying to put through this Tip is on the video bellow where Susan Boyle gives a demonstration of how appearances may not lead into a dreadful end.

Although this video does not have any technical or photographic content I was so impressed with it that I decided to share it with you. Think of it as a positive thinking for your photography breakdowns.

Believe in Yourself!!!!!

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Peter Kremzar said...

Well. Sometimes you have to stop pushing yourself and rethink what you would like to do and make new directions. Sometimes you have to start doing completely different things and after a time you get some new inspirations. As I can see some of the pro photographers they are usually doing everything for money to survive and they become like robots.