Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ebook: How To Photograph Nudes Like a Professional

It has always been a temptation to many to know the tricks and secrets on how to photograph models with no clothes on ;)

I think this has crossed many people's mind but due to the lack of experience or lack of nude posing models this has became a Taboo for so many.

Fear no more... the answer is right here at a click of the mouse.

On this great compiled PDF Book about it and much more such has glamour, fine art and beauty photography.

How to Photograph Nudes like a Professional by Ashley Karyl, a beauty photographer based in the UK and armed with almost 20 years of experience photographing top glamour and nude models around the world bring us this book written in an easy conversational manner, with the kind of detailed information that can only be taught by a working professional in the field.

How to Photograph Nudes like a Professional teaches you the right way to find models and work with them, work on a budget, organize a team, choose equipment and so much more.

The book touches on various issues and situations like shooting in a studio or on location, lighting techniques and equipment, case study images discussing how they were made and why, props and location, hair and makeup, suitable lenses, release forms and legal issues, photo editing and retouching, printing and publishing, dealing with model agencies, profiling and calibration, essential advice to improve image quality, copyright and protecting your images, suggested work-flow for more efficiency, helpful links, and many many invaluable information every model photographer should be aware of.

How to Photograph Nudes like a Professional not only handles nude photography related issues, but expands to encompass general photography techniques theories and tips you should be familiar with, business skills you should develop, camera and lighting gear and equipment, camera care, post-processing tutorials and discussions, and even teaches you invaluable information on creativity and inspiration.

Covering countless topics to really improve your photography, including:

* What makes a good model
* Finding the right model
* Working with the model
* Dealing with model agencies
* Locating models through the internet
* Model castings
* Preparing for the shoot
* Time management on a shoot
* Working in the studio
* Working on location
* Your aims & objectives when shooting nudes
* Correct exposure using a lightmeter
* Protecting your camera equipment
* Tungsten lighting
* Neon lighting
* Candles as a light source
* Studio flash
* Basic maintenance of your flash equipment
* Flash accessories to alter the light
* Portable flash in use on location
* Working with daylight
* Mixing flash & daylight
* Different kinds of glamour
* The ideal beauty model
* Workshops & seminars
* Shape & form
* Working on a budget
* Props & locations
* Hair & makeup
* Working with assistants
* Release forms and legal issues
* Editing your images effectively
* 35mm v Medium format
* Large format cameras
* Choosing your equipment
* Lens options and what to choose
* Camera care
* Film v Digital
* Black & White v Colour
* Printing at commercial labs
* Inkjet printing
* Continuous Ink Systems for printing
* Colour calibration of monitor & printer
* Going to print with commercial printers
* Other business skills you should develop
* Creating your working environment
* Essential advice to improve image quality
* Valuable workflow suggestions
* Adapting to different markets
* Setting up Photoshop effectively
* Retouching your images
* The advantage DNG for Raw files
* Digital asset management
* Raw file exposure for better quality
* Raw file processing technique
* Noise reduction for your images
* Retouching skin
* Converting to black & white in CS4
* Using the healing brush effectively
* Colour management in Photoshop
* Additional tips & advice
* Rights grabbing photo competitions
* Photo libraries
* Thinking outside the box
* Advertising assignments
* Copyright and protecting your images
* Editorial photography
* The orphan works legislation
* Keeping control of your images
* Photographer agents
* Useful URLs
* Dealing with clients
* Creating a team
* Business strategies and what to avoid
* Presentation as a photographer

Whether you’re in it for nude, glamour, fine art, and beauty photography or you just want to improve your photography skills, this book is definitely one you should have in your book library!

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