Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LR Preset: Kevin Swan Presets & Magical Presets

Today I'm starting a new chapter on the Lighting Mods blog.

After a lot of people been asking me to make available some FREE Presets for the Adobe Lightroom I decided to create a new section for them.

You can share yours by sending them to me by email or pointing me the link and I will make the proper posting. Please include some examples so other users could see what they look like.

For start here goes 2 from the Free collection that I will be making available.

Enjoy, and have a fantastic Holiday Season!!!!!

We start out with a wonderful set of 21 Presets from Kevin Shaw collection

Here is the Second one for today, an impressive MAGICAL collection of 8 presets.

How to Install Them?

To install the presets in an organized fashion way, so you won't mix them with the pre installed ones, unpack the archive, copy that folder to the presets folder inside the Adobe Lightroom usually:

 C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets

Mac OS: 
Macintosh HD/User/yourusername/Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets/

In case you do not find it by this method you can Open Lightroom, go to Edit-->Preferences under Preferences go to Presets tag and choose Show Lightroom Presets Folder. Open that folder and locate Lightroom -->Develop Presets copy or create a new folder to put the presets in.
Restart Lightroom and you will have the folder with New Presets you have just created.

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Marek said...

Thanks, they work great!