Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Master Wizards have Cast a Spell, Check it Out!!!

This is what you get when you join two of the best guys in the world making extraordinary images with just small strobes.

Mornings by David Hobby and afternoons by Joe McNally what a wonderful day this must be and they also promise to be bilingual either Manual mode (Mr. Hobby) or TTL (Mr. McNally) they promise to cover it all just for you.

What they will be covering with this BIG Flash Bus Tour:

Announcing: 'The Flash Bus' Tour

By the numbers:

Number of cities: 29

Number of days on the road: 42

Length of the bus, in feet: 55

Miles to be covered on the Mother of All Road Trips: Over 13,000

Chipotle restaurants to be visited: Probably all of them.

Combined experience, in years, both instructors: Over 60

Average maturity level, in years, both instructors: About 13.

Read all about it at David Hobby's Strobist Blog and Joe McNally's page and also take a moment to subscribe to "The Flash Bus" blog and follow the guys around.

Also check their Flickr page for photos from the Bus, Tour and some other interesting things happening along the way.

Praying the Gods that this would come to Europe very soon!!!!

I've already started praying how about you??

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