Monday, February 14, 2011

LR Preset: Sara-Ji Collection Pack

As many of you been aware, Adobe Lightroom as became a very powerful tool for the photographer if not one you cannot live without it, at least this is my case.

Although I still go to Photoshop for some fine and precise tuning of the images a lot of my base work is done in Lightroom. When you need a fast editing RAW system I rely more and more on tools that make my life easier and would put on the field faster to capture more images instead of siting down at the computer for long periods of time.

Well enough of this... let me tell that today I will bring you an excellent pack of presets for Adobe Lightroom created by photographer Sarah-Li from Chicago and I hope you enjoy them.

Sarah-Ji NE Presets

Sarah-Ji Night Owl

Sarah-Ji Autumn

Sarah-Ji LE

Sarah-Ji Vol.1

Sarah-Ji THANK YOU for sharing this brilliant presets with us.

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