Saturday, February 26, 2011

LR Preset: William Petruzzo Pack

Today I bring you a free Collection Pack from photographer William Petruzzo from Petruzzo Photography.

How many times you wonder, on your Adobe Lightoom photos, how an increment in Exposure or Fill Light would look like without having to move the slider up and down every time?

And how about the Blacks and Noise Reduction? Wouldn't it be good to have some presets that could help you visualize that, on the preview window, without having to move the sliders all the time?

Well maybe you have already thought about that but were too lazy to create them in Adobe Lightroom... well wait no more as William Petruzzo makes you life much easier on this subject.

Just take a look at this awesome pack I got for you today...

With this presets you can find some very useful tools, the Pack is a 3 folder content and you will find, on the first folder, a Common Basic Adjustments presets for the Blacks, Exposure, Fill Light, Noise Reduction and Recovery in increments. This could be a lot of help for those quick fine tunings you need on your images.

Next one is an HDR Effect from a Very Light state to a more Heavy and contrasty look.

And the 3rd folder gives a Split Tone look with 3 different effects.

A BIG thanks to William Petruzzo for sharing this with us, also say thanks by paying a visit to his webpage.

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