Friday, September 30, 2011

Xume Quick Release Filter Adapters

What if suddenly you could take of filter off your lens without having to unscrew them? Wouldn't that big a great help when you're out on the field having that great camera moment or even when you want to quick change that Polarize Filter from one lens to the other in a snap?

Fear no more... Xume got this great idea when they created the Quick Release Filter Adapters.

They are nothing more than a couple of magnetic adapters that you could screw in to your filters and your lens and BAM!! You got an instant filter exchange for your setup.

The adapters are a little pricey and they are available, for the moment, only on 77mm threads, let's hope they will make them on some other threats soon. You also need to pay attention if they will not produce some vignetting on your lens corners because of the extra height but they look pretty thin to me.

Filter Holder
And the Lens Adapter

Just take a look at their video for more info and their web page for online orders.

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