Sunday, January 1, 2012

CameraTrace finds your Stolen Camera

Hello 2012!!! We start this new year with the right foot first and above all wishing you a good start and great things and news will be coming your way during this year.

Nothing better to start than this great new web page to help you find your lost or stolen cameras named CameraTrace.

Although I already wrote in the past, here at the Lighting Mods page, about another similar page (Stolen Camera Finder) I believe all good pages should be referred endless counts as our gear is our precious way to show the world what our eyes sees or at least try to.

The CameraTrace is a paid service page with $10 fee per camera, the service will actively monitor the Internet for your camera’s serial number. If it ever pops up in a photo uploaded to popular photo sharing services, you’ll get an email notification. I believe is worth every penny when you can get your gear back after lost or stolen somewhere in the world.

Especially if you are a poor photography student taking classes, you can't afford to lose any gear.

They claim that a photographer got his $9.000,00 gear worth over another service buy the same company called GadgetTrak and this is also available for computer, cell phones and other devices.

If you are an apple fan-boy like me you can find this at the Apps Store here at a $2,99 price tag.

This is also very helpful to track your copyright photos all over the web, more info about CameraTrace can be found here.

Hope this could help you out in case you need.

Have a great 2012 with lot's of good pictures.

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