Thursday, December 27, 2012

Educate yourself

Season Greetings to everyone,

I know that I've been a bit lame with the blog lately but running around from one place to another doing assignments and not having too much time for anything else been putting this blog a little bit behind.

It's something that I just can't avoid and and has you may all know time is money.

I just want to wish you all a Great Season Greeting to you and all yours and that the nest year may bring you all that you have deserved and wish for.

It's never too late!!!

Today's post it's all about education. I've decided to put out a couple of pages that I've been following regularly with some great teaching techniques that I'm certain it will help you learn and evolve.

Starting is shutha project where you can find out for example what is stock photography, types of markets, stock photo licensing,  book publishing, publishing rights, fine art prints, decorative and commercial prints, editorial assignments, commercial assignments, selling photographs, selling video and a lot of more interesting information.

You also have some Free courses from Business, Image Workflow, Digital Imaging and Multimedia.

Who is behind Shutha?

Shutha is one of the outputs of the Twenty Ten: African media on the road to twenty ten (and beyond) project. The project is a partnership between World Press PhotoFreevoice (now rebranded as Free Press Unlimited), Africa Media Online and lokaalmondiaal and is funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Shutha benefits from this funding.

Next one is and this is a terrific place to get some very good teaching and resources from Workflow to est Practices.

What is is a rich web resource which includes a series of on-line educational seminars, software & hardware solutions, workflow guides and book references, designed to match a wide variety of working styles.

Now, by accessing the web site, photographers and others in the visual arts community have real-world solutions for preserving the quality and integrity of digital images, proven best practices that have been shown to produce superior results, and guidelines for streamlined production workflows.

Then came project52, created by Don Giannatti, this is basically a page with lots of online assignments and Audio/Video critics about your sent photos that will help you develop your photography senses. You can also subscribe de Pro service and have a couple more benefits.

Real World Assignments

What does “real world assignments” mean? It means you will be given assignments that are similar in scope and diversity as any commercial photographer in a small town. It means authentic work that is exactly the kind you will get the day your shingle gets posted. We work hard to make assignments that both challenge the creative, and produce work that could end up in your portfolio.

Audio/Video Critiques

Each week we will review the previous assignment. There is a two week assignment completion schedule, so we are not critiquing the work of the previous weeks assignment, but that of two weeks prior. I am sure that will be less confusing as we get into the program.

And the last one I would like to mention is creativeLive that has been putting it's claws around the photography community with lots of great and fantastic online teaching video as well as some Live Feed with all the best photographers of our decade.

You can stream the courses has they are live on location or you can purchase, the full course, later on to view it as you please and how many times you would like.

The teachings run from photography, business, software, design and video&film with some the biggest in their business.

Just to name a few... Zack Arias, Sue Bryce, Vincent Laforet, Lesa Snider, Tamara Lackey and Ramit Sethi.

There are, of course, a lot of more places where you can get yourself educated and that is a good thing, just wanted to name a few that I found important to keep your eyes at.

Happy Season and see you in 2013. 

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