Sunday, January 20, 2013

PictureDefense Helps when Dealing With Photo Theft

Road Alone...I'm pretty sure it has happen to you before so today's post goes directly to you who has been robbed or have been dealing with photo theft recently. website is a page that you will want to keep track of and have it always at hand. Had it to your favorites, blog about it, share all over the place...

This is something that you eventually will need right now or in a near future and if you are dealing with your photos all over the place posted by another person.


What has to offer you?

On their free website they will address what to do if you found your photo on...

- Someone's Facebook profile, fan page, or group
- Any website hosted and owned by Google. Like Blogger, Blogspot, YouTube, and Google+ - Any website owned by Yahoo like
- Another photographer's free standing website
- Used in a web advertisement on a business website Hope this could give you a starting point to track and remove down your photos from those posers out there.

To have an idea on how this could help you out, here is a great video explaining it and posted by James Beltz from PhotoTips.


dutyfreecentral said...

good post, please keep updating.

Anonymous said...

Not much use for images stolen and used outside the USA. DCMA and the FBI has no jurisdiction outside the USA.

ruimleal said...

Anonymous, if you have a good place for Europe followers just throw here a link.


Anonymous said...

Ola Rui. Muito obrigado pela informacao sobre o roubo da fotografia. Thank you Rui for the information about how to deal with people that stole and use your photo and claim that is theirs.
Um abraco