Friday, August 17, 2007

Crazy, but kids and friends Will Love it!

Craziest idea for using the on camera hot shoe and still take some great pictures by using the flash off camera.

This way, for sure, you will have to use it off camera and get even better results.

If you are wondering what this is all about check it out. It came with assembly instructions included :)


Mail from Federico Sartorio about this Crazy Little Thing Called PEZ.


Tired of being unable to take good photos of your friends / kids? Here's my tutorial on how to create the cheapest and wackiest hot-shoe attachment for your camera.

First of all, buy a PEZ sweet dispenser in any grocery store (they are sold everywhere in Europe, I hope they are in the USA too). The more ridiculous, the better. [fig. A.]. The base ("feet") of the dispenser should look like this [fig. B.]

The boxed dispenser and its "feet"

Now, using a cutter, trim the feet of the dispenser [fig. C.] leaving a 2-3 mm wide plastic strip on each side [fig. D.] Check the width of your camera's hot shoe if you are not sure. And avoid trimming your fingers.

ing the base

Slide the dispenser in the hot shoe of your camera, it should fit naturally! [Fig. E.] And its sweet-dispensing capabilities are retained! Yum! [Fig. F]

Mounting the attachment

Now you are ready to shoot! The best use for this attachment is to make people laugh and quickly snap a joyful portrait of them. You can then reward them with a sweet for added happiness. I've tested it on kids and friends and it works most of the time!

My nikon F-100 equipped with 105 2.5 Ais and the infamous PEZ dispenser

If you are not satisfied with the result, try using a different dispenser. The one you chose might not have been ridiculous / funny enough.

Three items of my "collection". Timon (far right) is my personal favorite.

All pictures and text by Federico Sartorio

This is the funniest as it can get.

I don't know if this will work with kids or other people since I did not tried it yet but at least one thing is sure, you will not attempt to use the flash on the hot shoe, maybe this way you can start learning how to use it off the camera.

Think positive - you will look a little ridiculous and people at least would stare at you and Smile ;)

Until then get some time to check my Flickr group there are also some guys posting great stuff there.

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