DIY: Snoots with Color (Part 2)

Snoots with Colors (Part 2)As promised here is the part 2 of this DIY: Snoots with Color project.

I have already spoken about Snoots on a previous post and have made them with straws to create a grid, this time I removed the straws and add some color to them by making a way of putting the gels inside without messing too much with the design of what you already know or have.

A lot of you out there may already have made them based on what you have read on Strobist... GOOD!!, now let's see what are the results for each one of them with a couple of pictures to better illustrate.

Snoots with Colors (Part 2)_01

(L to R) 28cm, the BIGGEST one, produces the smallest light, the 22cm is not so bigger than the 16cm but for some things it could come in handy and the 16cm is the smallest of them all and the most portable.

I tried to put all of them on the same direction and position to the white wall and also tried to put in the same amount of light for comparative purposes between them.

Snoots with Colors (Part 2)_02

I moved the strobes a little bit, from the front of the light, so you can better compare the size of each one of them against a white wall.

You also have to take in account that when you are shooting, some object or person, the light will be a little boxed when in close range as you can see from this simple image.

Snoots with Colors (Part 2)_03

I now colorized one of them (16cm) with Gold Amber #21 from the Lee filter sample package. Notice that is no white spill on it.

I believe this is one good way to make the snoots having some color without loosing too much your head or trying to pickup something to hold them in front of the snoot at last minute.

Let's colorize another one.

Snoots with Colors (Part 2)_04

So from Left to Right we have 28cm with a Velvet Green #735, 22cm with no filter gel and the 16cm with Gold Amber #21.

This is what could be accomplish with the Snoots with Color. You can use them normally with white light coming from the flash and then put in any color you like from the Lee filter gels sample packager.

My Gear - What you wanted to know but were afraid to ask_007

The final shot I created for this was a very simple one using the 3 small strobes so you can get an idea of what I was talking about.

Snoots with Colors (Part 2)

The model was the best money could bought at the time but I think it did a pretty good job concerning that he had to be running back and forward to tune the lights, grab the book, take the picture and smile :)

Last but not least for all you guys here is the setup shot.

Snoots with Colors (Part 2)_05

(L to R) SB26 with 16cm snoot, Gold Amber #21 Lee filter gel 1/16 at 85mm to background, Canon 580ex 1/128 at at 105mm pointing at the models face and SB26 with 22cm snoot, 1/64 at 85mm and Velvet Green #73 Lee filter gel pointing at the book. All flashes triggered with Gadget Infinity system and model digitally removed ;)

You can click on the picture to see some Flickr notes I've added to the photo.

Bottom line... In my experience the 28cm snoot really becomes 24cm in size since for it hold on to the flash head you have to put it in 4cm. For this shots this did not happened since I manage to hold it on the flash with no problem, but if you are using it outside on an assignment this can become a problem since the Snoot keeps falling to the flash front.

So, unless you really need it to illuminate something specific, keep it out of your regular gear since the 16cm and 22cm make a great job.

Besides this minor issue it works like charm. The changing of the gels is so quick that the model would not notice it and with a little usage you can even make it with yours eyes shut... or maybe not ;)

Thanks to all for the support and for reading it.

If you missed anything take a look at the first part here goes the link to it:

DIY: Snoots with Color (Part 1)

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Anonymous said...

What white balance mode did you choose?

Also, I'm thinking of ways to build the 'straw-grid' style to accept the color gels too.

ruimleal said...

WB was set to auto. But you can play with it and get different color tones for the skin too.

This technique I used it on the Black Straws Grid Spot too. You just have to cut a hole on the side of the end of the straw snoot and there you go.