Monday, August 27, 2007

DIY: Very Cheap Backdrop holder for Your Room or Living Room

Very Cheap Backdrop holder for Your Room or Living Room
I'm back with a new idea I got during one of my visits to a local IKEA store.

I got this great idea for a backdrop to your room or even for your living room.
This simple piece is sold by IKEA and you can get it at different stores around Europe and even in the US you just have to choose your nearest store and search the items for the DEKA product.

You can attached it to the wall or to some high entertainment armoire or wardrobe.

Here is what it will look like after you have put in with hooks attached to the wire.

Then you just have to hook it to any backdrop or muslin you have.

And this what it will look like when you have all done.

You do not have to put it like this. You can put it on a wall and while not in use you can hang some photos on the hooks.

There's also a great link I would like to mention if you want to create a Light Box/Light Tent using inexpensive tubes from Bill Huber and a Flash presentation by Kevin Criscione.

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Credits of the original posting of these photos by "From The Fence Post".

If you have made some building setups please share them with us!!

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