New method to resize your images

I was navigating on YouTube reading the news and BANG!!!

My eyes were drawn into this video of this new technique for resizing images from Dr Ariel Shamir and Shai Avidan of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science.

SIGGRAPH is a new method of image resizing looks for seams (not simple columns or rows) of pixels with the 'least energy' (least contrast / change in detail) both vertically and horizontally in the image and then uses this to enable resizing without losing important image content such as human subjects or other detail. This technique can be used for reducing and enlarging images as well as removing items from the image which are not wanted (by manually painting 'negative weight' over an area of the image).

Just take a look at the video and AMAZE yourself.

One of these days we will see this implementation on Photoshop or some other software, this will make a BIG improvement on the way we will treat and see our photos.

Wanna know more? Just check the links below.

Click here for Dr Ariel Shamir's home page

Click here for (20MB PDF file) information on this technique



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to chime in with while he's at it, he could have used the technique to re-size his pdf!

Anonymous said...

That's very interesting! thanks for the links and video.

The problem I see is that it kinds of screw out all the aspect ratios of the components of the photo (when "growing" that mountain, it's not anymore something real, no mountain with these proportions exist in the world), it then becomes a CGI creation more than a photo. It's another thing that will push people away from learning good composition ;)

However, I can see how that's going to be useful for cover photography, sliming down the french president will be even easier than before :-P

Anonymous said...

It's a very smart technique, it's really elegant and simple to implement, yet it achieves an outstanding variety of results. Thanks for posting it.
By the way the technique is not called "SIGGRAPH", that's just the conference where the paper was submitted to. The technique is called "Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing".

Anonymous said...

To extend on the last anon posters comment the confrence is actually called:

"The 34th International Confrence and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques"
SIGGRAPH is the sub-group of the ACM (Asscociation of Computer Machinery) dedicated to graphics programing. It stands for Special Intrest Group GRAPHics.