Monday, October 22, 2007

Secure your Luggage anywhere with Pacsafe

I've been traveling more, now that I moved to Luxembourg, and I've been digging around for some product that somehow could leave me a little less concern when I have to leave my equipment bags at the hotel room.

I do not like strange people peaking at my stuff or even going away with them.

So like me, I think, a lot of you are concerned about leaving, for brief moments their traveling bags, even if they are not photographers carrying a lot of expensive equipment or even if the Hotel have a safe deposit in the room.

I got this link to a web site that has one of the most useful tools I've seen.
It's called Pacsafe. They sale all kinds of secured bags and strapping locks on many shapes and sizes but this was not what it caught my attention.

But the product that caught my attention, because of it's small portable size with a carrying pocket pouch, was the Secure Luggage Protector that you can find on the photography link. I instantly become in love with it.

This is an adjustable high-tensile stainless steel locking device, designed to cover and protect a variety of bags and packs from tampering, pilfering and theft.

Throw it around your pack, secure it to something fixed and get on with your adventure. Four sizes mean there's one to fit almost every type of backpack, soft-sided wheeled luggage or duffel bag.

They have this on 4 sizes (55, 85, 120 and 140) so you can cover almost anything with it.
The stores that sale this baby are "almost" anywhere in the world just check the "find a store" link on their web page.

If you want to know more details about this brilliant product and how to assemble it check out the Instructions link.

I'm also adding the link, to this store and product, on my Online stores for future reference.

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