Thursday, October 18, 2007

Street Art - Light Graffiti

After a 2 week period full of work and with no hands for myself I had some time today for one more article. Hope you enjoy it and share the results.

The Group LichtFaktor has been putting some really great stuff over their pages and blogs are spreading the word about this Street Art technique as they call it.

Using an exposure of about ten-to-thirty seconds and a tripod for best results. Glowsticks, flashlights, reflectors, and even torches have been used as mediums to create all sorts of designs and tags, as the artist becomes a ghost of a blur, if visible at all.

Any person, place, or thing can become a central piece of the art. Because all it really takes is less than a minute, light tagging phone booth can be just as easy as something in the privacy of home, though staying home is certainly less fun.

See if you can make some yourself.

The general rule of Light Graffiti seems to be experimentation and play, so, if your first ‘tag’ isn’t brilliance, keep it going until you got good results.

Isn't this what photography is all about? Experimenting...

Here are some cool links to check out:

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