DIY Grid/Snoot - Template PDF Files

Passionate Photographer Jon MacKinnon, like me, he's an aficionado for the DIY stuff.

He contact me a couple of weeks ago saying the he recently started a Discussion group at Flickr concerning my Lighting Mod posts DIY: 580EX Color Gels Printing Diagram and DIY: Black Straws Snoot Grid (Part 1) (do you still remember them?) and the discussions are all about diagrams for different flash models and you can even add your own model if it isn't already there.

Also visit Jon's Flickr stream for some great DIY stuff.

Here is a list of the strobes Templates available for download at the bottom of this post.

- 580EX & 580EXII 

(Although the 580EXII is not on the files you can use the 580EX Template to create it as they are very similar).

- SB-25 and SB-26
- SB-28
- SB-600
- SB-800

- EF-500

- 283

I think this would be a lot helpful if you are into building one of these babies.

Thanks Jon for this wonderful idea and keep up the good work.

You can download the complete package at this MediaFire link here.



Anonymous said...

Do you still have the pdf for the 580 gel template lying arround somewhere? Because I can't find it on your website anymore...

much appreciated!


ruimleal said...

Sorry I Had to remove it from the my web page because of too much bandwidth that was generating.

Mail me out and I will gladly send it to you.


Anonymous said...

Uh... I just spent some time cutting out some card and gluing things together. When I was finished, I realized -- THE TEMPLATE IS SIZED FOR A4 PAPER.

So if you are in the U.S. or Canada, you probably aren't using A4 paper. When you print it out, Acrobat will probably resize it for 8.5x11, meaning it will be distorted (and it will. not. fit.).

Sigh... a whole evening down the drain.

ruimleal said...

Don't blame me on this matter.

Jon was kind enough to create this templates I only put a link here because I think this would be a great idea.

I will dig around and send Jon a mail to see if he can solve this.

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am not blaming you (I left the previous comment). If I had put a little thought into it, I would have realized that the world is bigger than the continent where I live.

It is easily solved - I should have mentioned this earlier. In the Acrobat print dialog, simply set the page scaling to "none" (instead of "fit to page" or anything else). In some cases the resulting print will not fit on one page (e.g., Vivitar 285). But the rest is easy enough to figure out.

And by the way - thanks for posting the links.

ruimleal said...

anonymous thanks for pointing that out so others could benefit with this information.
Enjoy the templates.

Albertus Alvin said...

Hi just the template works on 580EX mkII?

ruimleal said...

Hi Vin,

I do not own a 580ExII. So I cannot confirm that it will fit on it since I've seen that the 580ExII is a little bigger than the 580EX but it's just a matter of you to try it out and report back :)


Anonymous said...

First off, I love the site!

Secondly, I have found that the following measurements work great for a 580EX II:

1, 4.6, 7.1, 4.6, 7.1 x _cm

I hope these are right, my original Inch measurements are:

.25, 1.8, 2.8, 1.8, 2.8 x _in


Terry Thomas... the photographer said...

Instead of printing these templates on paper then cutting the actual parts out of thin cardboard has anyone tried printing on photo paper which is designed for use in an Ink Jet or Laser printer?

It would seem to me that photo paper is thicker and stronger than "regular" paper.

Just a thought...

Oh, and as to the templates being sized for A4 - why not put instructions right on the waste part of the template as to what to tell the PDF software when printing in other countries?

Lastly when looking closely at photographs of people cutting out the snoots I noticed there are narrow sections where the folds will be. I suppose this compensates for the thickness of the cardboard. When I printed out the Nikon SB600 and SB800 templates these narrow sections are not on the template. Why? Or is it not important? (I guess I will find out when I cut mine out.)

Thanks for taking the time to create the templates.

Terry Thomas...
the photographer
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Administrador said...


Please, can upload again the links to the templates?
Or by email to:

thanks so much...

ruimleal said...


you can download all of them from this direct download.

Since they are not originally allocated on my servers it's better Rapidshare to all of you.

Hope this will make things a lot easier to all.



That Damn Gaijin! said...

Thank you for the template. I'm going to make some grids tomorrow.