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Strobist gear: Where can I find it in Europe?

All My Gear in 2 BagsAaahh, Strobist!!!
Loved by everyone but the gear so hard to find and to get in Europe.

On today's post I will give a try to give you some search tips by posting some of the places where you can search for the gear you will be needing, besides the well known Ebay and Amazon.

I'm not in any agreement with the companies that I will be mentioning here nor I have anything to do with their business and prices so don't pick on me about this, simply choose what prices are best for your wallet.

If you have any other places besides the one's I will mention here please send me an email with a link to the products and I will update my posted list.

First things first.

The list of some of the things that you will be needing to get you started, assuming that you do not have any of the articles I mention bellow, if you have them already great... so why are you reading this for?... wait maybe you will need to get something extra, OK keep reading :)

01) Small portable Flash or Strobe (call it what you like best)
02) Umbrellas or Brolly
03) Light Stands
04) Umbrella adapter Swivel
05) Battery Chargers
06) Extra AA batteries
07) Triggers
08) Hot Shoe adapter for triggers
09) Clamps
10) Ball Bungees
11) Color corrected gels (CTO Orange, CTG Green and CTB Blue)
12) Gobos, Snoots, Bounces and Grids

Well maybe you will not be needing everything mentioned here at first but since this post is about where you can find this gear in Europe, anyway I mentioned them here as a reference point.

If you start reading Strobist, like me, from the beginning you will notice that one of the great things that is mentioned there is to travel light and that will teach you how to use your small flashes, off camera, to get professional results.
Two things for me very important for my work... don't you think the same way?

Didn't you read this part? If not you can click here to read all about it.

Starting from the very beginning at Lighting 101 David Hobby will show you all the gear that you will be needing to start on your own and explain in detail each and everyone of them so take a peak there.

And keep constantly updated with the news at the official Strobist Flickr discussion group in here.

And now the links I found so far:

GI & PW Side-By-Side_016

1) Small portable Flash

- Thyristor Twin Flash
- Hama zoom flash
- Metz Mecablitz 36AF-4C
- Several flashes
- Bilora D 40
- Cullmann
- Exakta Blitz DPZ 38
- Canon, Nikon and Sigma

My Gear - What you wanted to know but were afraid to ask_052

02) Umbrellas

- Umbrellas
- Umbrellas with folding
- Jimbei BS-50
- Umbrellas
- a)White umbrella 43"
b) White Umbrella
- a)Silver Umbrella 36"
b) Silver Umbrella
- a)Umbrellas
b) Umbrellas
- Falcon Eyes, Hedler, Lastolite, Profoto and RedWing

My Gear in the Bags_015

03) Light Stands

- a)Manfrotto Nano 001b
b) Manfrotto Nano 001b
c) Manfrotto Nano 001b
d) Manfrotto Nano 001b
e) Manfrotto Nano 001b
f) Manfrotto Nano 001b
g) Manfrotto Nano 001b
h) Manfrotto Nano 001b
- Falcon Eyes 805
- Excella

My Gear - What you wanted to know but were afraid to ask_056

04) Umbrella adapter Swivel

- Manfrotto 026 Lite Tite swivel + Umbrella adapter
- Metal ShoeMount Flash/Umbrella
- Studio umbrella adapter
- Falcon Eyes umbrella holder
- Universal umbrella adapter
- Hama Studio Umbrella Clamp

My Gear in the Bags_020

05) Battery Chargers

- AccuLoop 700mA
- a)Lacrosse Tech BC-900 v33
b) Lacrosse RS-900 v33
c) Lacrosse RS-900 v33
- a) Lacrosse RS-700
b) Lacrosse Tech BC-700 V33
- ANSMANN Energy check
- LaCross, Energizer, Ultra-Rapid and Universal chargers
- Voltcraft IPC-1L 700mA
- Voltcraft IPC-1L 500mA
- Voltcraft IPC-1L 900mA

My Gear in the Bags_007

06) Extra AA batteries

- All sizes
- AA Energizer Lithium
- Eneloop and Instant

GI & PW Side-By-Side_001

07) Triggers

- Gadget Infinity 4-Channel Wireless Flash Trigger V2s
- a)Pocket Wizard
b) Pocket Wizard
c) Pocket Wizard
d) Pocket Wizard
- Quantum triggers
- Remote Triggers
- Elinchrom EL Skyport Universal trigger

My Gear in the Bags_009

08) Hot Shoe adapter for triggers

- a) Hama Metal Hot Shoe adapter with cord
b) Hama Metal Hot Shoe Adapter
c) Hama Metal Hot Shoe Adapter
d)Hama Metal Hot Shoe Adapter w/cable
e) Hama metal Hot Shoe Adapter
f)Hama Hotshoe Adapter - Universal & Adjustable
g) Hama metal Hotshoe Adapter w/cable
h) Hama metal Hot Shoe adapter
- a)Plastic Hot Shoe Adapter
b) Hama plastic Hot Shoe Adapter
- Metal Hot shoe adapter
- Hot Shoe adapter with photocell and PC connection
- Kaiser plastic w/PC cable
- Adjustable shoe mount with PC cord
- Hama Flash Slave Wireless

My Gear in the Bags_028

09) Clamps

- a) a) Manfrotto 035 Superclamp
b) Manfrotto 035 Superclamp
c) Manfrotto 035 Superclamp
- Manfrotto 175 Spring Clamp
- Manfrotto 175F Spring Clamp + Ballhead w/flashshoe
- Clamp
- Clip
- Clamp
- Superb Clamp
- Falcon Eyes, Manfrotto, Studio

My Gear in the Bags_027

10) Ball Bungee or Similar

- a)Ball Bungee
b) Ball Bungees
- Spannflex
- Spannfix
- Velcro

My Gear in the Bags_011

11) Color corrected gels packs or sheets (CTO "Orange", CTG "Green" and CTB "Blue")

- Lee Filters
- a)Rosco Filters
b) Rosco Filters UK
- Gels & Filters
- Lee, E-Colour, Rosco, GAM
- Cinefoil
- Rosco, Lee filters and sample packs
- 4cm Gel Packs
- 5cm Gel Packs

12) Gobos, Snoots, Bounces and Grids

- Snoot and Gobo
- Make your own take a look here, here and here.
- Lumiquest LQ-001D Ultrabounce
- Bounces and Diffusers
- Gaffer tape
- Lumiquest Snoot
- Lumiquest Ultra Bounce

Some of the gear post here have lower prices but it does not mean you cannot get some less expensive ones at Ebay or even try Amazon.

Oh well!! at least you got some store link prices to start from :)

The links above are showed in the main language of each site that could English, French, German or other. If you do not speak any of those languages you can always send an English email to the store asking about your product and delivery times.

To know more about what you can do or even what are they used for you can take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 on my Lighting Mods articles blog.

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