Wednesday, February 6, 2008

iStockphoto's user vulcanacar is doing some inside jobs

say WHAT??,
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I had already reported the stolen of some of my online images, David Hobby from Strobist noticed one of his photo as an advertisement add with no copyright earnings or even a contact from the editor of the publication.

originally uploaded by strobist.

As per David words "My, what a surprise! No credit, no notice, no anything. Just the "honor" of being an ad in their magazine.
And the editor did not even understand why I was a little upset... "

Follow this Flickr thread in here.

Now it's Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir with a 25 horses images stolen from her personal gallery and added to iStockphoto.

_rebekka is one of Flickr's most popular users, she is out with a photo post today of a screenshot where some user named vulcanacar is selling some of her photos on iStockphoto you can view, read and participate at her Flickr thread in here.

"I thought I'd bring this to light as a warning and wake up call to folks. I'm not putting the blame with iStockphoto per se, but still, this is a problem that is becoming increasingly annoying, for everyone that uses the internet to showcase work. I mean for crying out loud, out of 31 images this particular user has on his "portfolio" , 25 of them are mine, and at least 3 are of me..

I have contacted a copyright lawyer about this, and will be doing what i can to tackle this problem in the best way possible, (please, nobody start sending any angry letters or anything of that sort, this needs to be dealt with in a level-headed way) but i wanted to tell people about this as well, because this is always happening, and your photos could be on there illegally as well. You never know."

The images were also used to promote another website as per mentioned on the iStockphoto forum here with the following comment:

"I just launched a website for a client ( and I used several photos on the home page (in random format). Thanks for an awesome selection! We couldn't choose just one, so we used them all!".

iStockphoto of course is owned by Getty Images, the largest provider of stock photography in the world. It will be interesting to see how their lawyers handle this one.

And here we are buying a lot of lenses, improving our cameras and skills only to be ripped off by some guy who maybe doesn't even know how to take a picture.

This pxxxxx me off!!!

Hope this could come to a good term and that the vulcanacar user be paying by his mistakes so that people start to understand that someone else's pictures are not FREE domain to grab and use as they please and for their own usage and profit.

As I like to give new Ideas and help people out with their photography situations I DO CONDEMN THE PEOPLE WHO DOES THIS KIND OF THINGS TO OTHERS!!!!

So I could not leave this open and unspoken on my blog.

Feel free to copy and distribute all or part of this blog message and contribute to the "Expose Fraud Cases" cause.

Use the comments to expose some situations that you have had and help others not falling on the same mistakes.

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