Monday, February 11, 2008

Tip: Girls & Toys

My daughter and son are due to arrive next Wednesday so my witting an uploading time are very limited so the tips for this week, aren't full of photos and wittings like you are used to, but not all is lost ;)

Because photography is not only a Men's job I decided today to show a few simple tips and techniques for the Ladies and newbies.

I found out this great compact YouTube video from professional photographer Erin Manning that shows what's in her bag.

And how about that Lastolite reflector that you wanted to buy but you are running out of money right now?

This video of Erin shows you another good tip.

And if you are still there take a look at this one too.

Dos and Don'ts for Great Portraits

And last but not least some more basic photography tips.

Hope you enjoy.

As you can imagine Lighting Mods is also for Girls ;)

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