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My Gear: Walking Bag

All My Gear in 2 Bags
Another post of My Gear series.

This time I will bring you what I normally carry with me when I'm out walking or when going with my kids for a walk.

You never know what beautiful subjects you will find to photograph.

Normally, for regular photo assignments, I use the gear that you see on the above picture and you can see the details of all of it at My Gear - What's in the Bags? (Part 1) and My Gear - What you wanted to know but were afraid to ask (Part 2)

But today we will talk about my walking bag.

By this I mean it travels with me to wherever I go, and yes, also to restaurants and bathroom :)

As I said before you never know what you will get in those places.

Walking Gear_01

Here is the Kit inside the bags.

Walking Gear_02

Let's take a look inside the bags:

- Canon Powershot G9.
- Kata DP-415 camera bag.
- QuikPod and QuikPod small stand.
- 4 boxes with 4x 1,5v flash replacement batteries.
- 1 Canon Original NB-2L and 2 ioncell-plus replace for Canon NB-2L.
- Gadget Infinity Cactus PT-04 Receiver and Transmitter.
- 5x SD cards (2x Sandisk Extreme III 2Gb, 2x Transcend 2Gb and 1 Sandisk UltraII 1Gb).
- Canon 220Ex and carrying case.

All this will fit inside the Kata DP-415 bag except for the QuikPod and the Canon 220Ex flash that travels separately.
Walking Gear_03

Illumination is up to the Canon 220EX and the Gadget Infinity triggers.

Well it's not a good flash since it does not have a manual control for full Strobist flashing but at least would give you some great FULL off camera blasts and you can control the rest on the camera or even use a ND flash filter to soften a little.

Well I like it because it's very small and since it was hidden on one of my bags with no use at least I turn out a good thing that I kept it.

Advise: If you have an older flash never send it away just because it's old, if it's working and don't matter about the brand, you can always make it fire with some cheap remotes and for sure you will arrange some use for it even if it's just to light some dark corner.

Walking Gear_04

Well cards... I have some duper, duper, triple fast cards... but I use them on my other cameras so for the G9 you can find some inexpensive ones if you google around. Pay also attention not to buy fake ones.

I prefer using some brands that can give you a lifetime warranty even if they cost a little bit more.

I had an older Sandisks that stop working while giving me too much read errors. I contact Sandisk by email and received a quick reply saying "...send them over and we will replace them for new ones..."

What more do you need ?
Took me about a minute to pack them and send them to Sandisk USA and later on a 3 weeks period, on my returned snail mail, I got a unopened boxed with brand new ones.

Thank you Sandisk :)

Walking Gear_05

Last but not least some DIY reflectors.

On the left I made one of a rectangular cardboard of an old box and glued on one side some inexpensive aluminum kitchen foil so it will cover it the round one I found it as base of one of Christmas cakes but I think this would be very easy o find since they make this as base for some round cakes.

Well the cake unfortunately is no longer with us and it was delicious :)

Walking Gear_06

On the other side of the rectangular shaped one I glued 3 sheets of white paper so I can have a more flatted light and the round one is kinda white grayish look. But it also gives a soft light when needed.

Both of this sides are more soften for some macro stuff or even to reflect some sun light while taking some portrait shots.

Hope you have enjoyed this last tip and have yourself some inexpensive reflectors to carry around with you on some bag or pocket.

Today while doing some assignment shots I discovered some inexpensive reflective material that people use to warm them selfs on frozen days and I think you can get them for 1,00 euro or so, one side is silver the other is golden and they call them Thermal Sheet Covers.

Here in Luxembourg you can find them on local supermarkets.

Just grab one of these babies and carry along with you, if needed they can also keep you warm ;)

By the way, if you have one Canon Powershot G9, like me, you are a lucky guy and I'm sure you haven't dig out all the menus. There is one great feature available that most of you haven't use it for sure.

Just pay attention next Monday to the Tips article and you will find it out, unless of course you have been using it ;)

More on this next Monday, March 10th 2008.

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