Saturday, May 24, 2008

Forget all Photography Rules

Are you the type of photographer who always follow the rules, make every picture thinking on composition and in the end you're always complaining that you could do better next time?

Well my friend let me tell you forget all that and simply shoot what you like and have in mind.

Have an idea? Shoot it!, Have a thought? Shoot! Have nothing in mind? Shoot, Shoot!!

To give you a thought about this matter I introduce you to Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden on the following videos and maybe that will give you a different perspective and approach on how to you can shoot interesting photos.

Remember Rules were meant to be Broken!!!

And if you are FAN of the Off Camera flash (Strobist)? Then you got to the see the video :)

Next an interview with Bruce Gilden explaining his "Vision".

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