Sunday, May 25, 2008

Frozen Grand Central Station

From Improv Everywhere, over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York.

This is one of over 70 different missions Improv Everywhere has executed over the past six years in New York City. Others include the No Pants Subway Ride, the Best Buy uniform prank, and the famous U2 Rooftop Hoax, to name a few.

Visit the website to see tons of photos and video of all of our work, including behind the scenes information on how this video was made.

And the behind the scenes movie:

And here is the final video for the Law & Order: SVU scene featuring Robin Williams.

Just an AMAZING idea...

1 comment:

tomP said...

you do understand that Improv Everywhere did their video first and then Law & Order ripped the idea off, right?