Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photo Contest "At My Home"

This got to be good or else I wouldn't be posting it here.

My friend Udi at the are making this excellent contest on their website.

The idea behind the concept was what moved me to make an announcement here at Lighting Mods.

Wanna know how to enter the contest? Read the full article...

What Is This Contest All About?

Just like America At Home, At My Home contest is about the most important place in your life: home. The emotions of home: the distinctive rituals, the intimate moments, and all the myriad ways in which you work, play, learn, conduct your life, and interact with friends, family members (and pets!) as you transform your dwelling into your home.

You can get a pretty good idea about how America at Home photographers see their homes by browsing the (partial) online version of the book.

The Prizes

This is the fun part (Aside from looking at the pictures of course). As grand prize the winner will receive an America At Home photo album priced at 39.95 USD. To make this even sweeter, the winner will be able to customize the cover of the book to feature his family, home or beloved Nikon D3. And of course, the winner will receive unlimited bragging rights.

The 4 runners up will receive the same sweet deal of a great America At Home photo album plus a personalized cover. Bragging rights will be lesser as the place goes down. (I guess the sharp eyed readers noticed that all 5 winners will receive the same prize)
The Judges

For judging this contest, we have collected the finest photographers and photo-bloggers from around the web:

Rick Smolan from Against All Odds Productions - The master-mind behind the America At Home project and our proud sponsor.

Jim Talkington from Pro Photo Life - A lighting master and an extraordinary studio photographer.

Brian Auer from Epic Edits - A fine art photographer and master photography blogger.

Kerry Garrison from Camera Dojo - Kerry is one third of the magnificent trio that makes Camera Dojo.

Udi Tirosh - from

Comes June 14, the esteemed panel of judges will select the first place picture and 3 runners up. The last prize will go to a winner of DIYP reader's choice.

How To Enter?

Entering the contest is easy - simply upload a picture to Flickr between May 25 and June 14, add it to the DIYP photo pool and tag it with "DIYP" and "atmyhome". See all submission here. The photo must be taken within the contest time frame - that is between now and June 14th.

If you don't have a Flickr account now is the time to get one right here, as this is the only way to submit your pictures.

The limit is three entries per person.

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