Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tripod at Hand

Manfrotto has produced a tinny, winy, super small tripod and call it modopocket 797, strange name but effective on size ;)

They have released it a couple of months ago but I haven't found it on a store up until today when I run into it on my local photo shop here in Portugal.

Well I can tell you that this baby it's so small that it almost fit on the small pocket of my jeans.

Take a look at the full review to see how small and portable this baby is.

Well when I saw it for the first time I said to myself that I got to have one of those for my portable camera.

As you may be aware I have a Canon Powershot G9 that travels with me all the time. I also have a couple o gear that goes with it, you can check it here, but I lacked a tiny portable tripod.


On the above picture you can see the back part of the card box case where it shows you how you can use the tripod.


Here is a picture of the inside case.


The instructions booklet.


And some more instructions so you can use it correctly ;)


I took up a CF Card just to make a side-by-side in terms of how small it can be when folded.

I told you this baby is really small!!!


You have a small plastic thing glued to the tripod and where you can pull it to up it up.


Then you also got a small cable attached to each part so that it could open to a certain point and be stable.


Tripod you asked? Here it is near to the red attachment. You can even attach it to a normal tripod if you like.


Here is attached to one of my ball heads.


Missed the camera, so here it is with the camera on the modopocket and attached to the ball head :)


Normally I would carry an inexpensive small tripod like the one you can see on the above image.
My only problem was that it was still too BIG for my traveling bag.


The only advantage of the normal small tripod over the modopocket is that it's legs stretches and you could get more height over the subject.


But that would not stop the modopocket from being useful. Here you can see a picture of a Canon Powershot G9 mounted on it.


And if you are a Macro lover than this would suite you like a glove ;)


Hey how about some shots of the sky and clouds today :)

At a retail price of more or less €19,00 this is a piece of gear that should go with you everywhere and you can even attach it to your key chain.

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